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Dora Lewis

Your 2018 CalluPalooza Lineup Preview


Your 2018 CalluPalooza Lineup Preview

Festival season is in the air, and its hit California Lutheran University! This year’s CalluPalooza will be hosted by the iCLU Radio station in Kingsman Park. Music, games, raffles prizes, and the best part is, it’s free and open to the community. Here are a few of the student and alumni bands that you can find on the stage on Friday!

Aubren Elaine

Aubren is a singer/songwriter and producer in Los Angeles. Check out her music on soundcloud and instagram.


Nolan Forghani is a 22 year old musician with very diverse musical talents as a rapper, singer, songwriter, and producer. Being from the Bay Area, and now living in Los Angeles, has given him an array of musical experience. His style is often compared to G-Eazy (mixed with Chris Brown), and is complimented by his incredible vocal range, ability to blend melodic vocals and rap, and keep a crowd’s energy at the highest level.

Lancer Roscoe

Alumni band Lancer Roscoe return to the CalluPalooza stage. Check out their latest single “I’ve Waited.”

The Ladyfingers

The Ladyfingers are a Suburban Punk quartet that hails from the great city of Thousand Oaks, California. Starting from their first jams in parker’s garage, The Ladyfingers just wanted to play fun music that was fast and kinda punky- but not like super punky because- lets be real, we’re from Thousand Oaks. After about a year together, the ladyfingers recorded their first album entitled “Rose Pie Mama”. It was super Indie, with the band spending literally 0 dollars on recording equipment and literally 0 time thinking about production. It was dope.

Permission to Fly

Just your average TO Ska Band

No Suits