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Hupcap Stealers

Hupcap Stealers

Artist: Hupcap Stealers
Genre: Rock
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About Artist

Outlaw roots n’ roll,….. that’s the best way to describe it. The sound is definitely not something you would normally hear while walking down main street, but it’s intriguing all in itself…….then, once you catch a glance at the band and realize there are only two members and one of them is (currently) 17 years old well,….. you gotta check it out!

Residing just outside of Ventura CA, The Hubcap Stealers consists of  a two member, father & son duo.  Neal Sowers on the guitar and vocals, and Ian Sowers on the drums. Together they possess an edgy sound with dirty reverberated slide guitars and thick chest punching drums accompanied by Neal’s vocals, be known- these guys know how to play it thick and raw.

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