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DANKO JONES on Valentine’s Day!

DANKO JONES on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day is almost here, and you’re in luck. Canadian band DANKO JONES is coming to electrify Discovery Ventura this February 14th at 7:00 pm. This hard hitting-rock group is passing through our neck of the woods on their US tour with Nashville Pussy and Prima Donna. Composed of frontman Danko Jones with vocals and guitar, JC on the bass, and Rich Knox on the drums, Danko Jones is well known for their energetic and massively entertaining performances, having toured alongside bands like Flogging Molly, Alice in Chains, and Motorhead. Their music stays true to the hard rock genre while adding elements of punk, grunge, and just a little humor to keep it fun. Dripping with talent and sex appeal, there is no better way to spend your Valentine’s Day than falling in love with Danko Jones.

Listen now to Danko Jones’ “We’re Crazy” from their new album A Rock Supreme – out April 26

LMVC was lucky enough to score an interview with frontman Danko Jones, and here’s what he had to say:

1.    How did your band start out? Did you know each other before you started playing?
DANKO: We started the band in 1996. This band was formed much like most bands in most scenes form. Bands play together, they break up and from the remnants of those bands new bands emerge. I used to borrow JC’s bass rig when I played in my old bands. So, when both of our bands broke up, we started to jam together. That was 23 years ago.

2.     Did you spend a lot of time just playing at a local level, or did you hit the road early in your career?
DANKO: Our first gigs were in Montreal and Ottawa playing with The Spaceshits. Our first hometown gig was opening for the New Bomb Turks and they took us in and we still look to them like they’re our big brother band. We immediately decided to steer away from local shows at first and build a buzz. It worked for a couple of years. This also helped motivate us to get the hell out of town and start gigging farther and farther away from home.

3.    Have you ever played a show in the Ventura area before?
DANKO: Yes, we first hit California back in 1998 and played a bunch of shows. I can’t remember the exact dates because by now it’s all a blur. Even though we were broke, nobody showed up to the gigs and thousands of miles away from home it was a helluva a tour.

4.     What kinds of things can we expect from a Danko Jones show?
DANKO: I’ve never seen a Danko Jones show but I’m told it’s the greatest rock show on the planet. Songs…Yeah…songs…I’m 100% certain we’ll be playing songs at the show.

5.    What do you like most about touring?
DANKO: I like to play in front of an audience and get it all out and let it loose. It’s fun to witness an immediate reaction to the songs you spent so many hours writing and recording.

6.    How would you say your band has changed over the years?
DANKO: We first started out as a garage punk rock band a la The Gories, The Oblivians, The Makers, Teengenerate etc. We could never get too much going and no garage label would put out our stuff. Also, we were starting to tire of the confines the genre sorta demanded and slowly transitioned into a hard rock band – simple and solid. Basically, it went from us hardly having choruses or bridges in our songs to having choruses, bridges and the occasional guitar solo in our songs.

There you have it. We can’t wait to see you at the show Thursday night. Let’s get crazy!