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Disney Night at Rock City Studios

Disney Night at Rock City Studios

Friday night was Disney Night at Rock City Studios. Several bands performed both original songs as well as several Disney covers. Some members of the audience dressed up as characters from Disney movies (for an additional $2 off a ticket), and Rock City Studios had a Disney-themed raffle in which people could win one of several stuffed characters.

Opening the show was local artist Pretty Well, who played an acoustic set. His energy never disappoints, and he had audience members singing along to “Maybe it’s You” and “Sweater Weather.” Closing out, he played a Toy Story favorite, “You’ve Got a Friend in Me.”

Next up local band, Salt Water Ducks, came up with a few instrumental songs. Members played the acoustic guitar and box drum, instantly gaining the audience’s attention. People were dancing along to their set, having as much fun as the members playing.

Following was Once a Wolf, who played original works “Farewell” and “5 More Minutes.” Their heavier sound drew a crowd, and participation increased as they covered “You’ll be in my Heart” from Tarzan, and “Let’s Get Down to business” from Mulan. Their sound meshed both hard rock with a blues undertone, which added an interesting flavor to the Disney songs.

After a raffle, Plan Your Escape took the stage. The shot a live video for their song, “The Losing Feeling,” much to the audience’s excitement. They covered The Lion King’s “Can’t Wait to be King,” and Tarzan’s “Strangers Like Me,” as well as their original songs, “Infatuated” and “Scars.” With backup throat-ripping vocals from the drummer, their hardcore take on old favorites was truly fun to see.

Great job to all of the bands who performed, and we at LMVC look forward to seeing them in the future. Be sure to check out these bands on Facebook!

Written by Kate Vasquez