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Get Ready for Warped Tour!

Get Ready for Warped Tour!

We’ve made it. The final Warped Tour comes to Ventura this Sunday, June 24th. To those of you Warped Tour veterans, you know what we’re in for. To those of you for whom this is your first time going, here are a few things to consider.

First and foremost, what to bring. Warped Tour is an all-day event, usually from 11:00am to 9 or 10pm, so comfortable shoes are a must. In addition, it is outdoors, so you may want to bring sunscreen as well (lotion, not aerosol). You may want to read Warped Tour’s rules on their site, just to make sure that whatever you bring does not get taken at the gate. Because this is a music festival, water and snacks are available for purchase, but can be expensive. You are allowed to bring a sealed bottle of water and a snack to the fairgrounds, but you may want to bring some cash as well.

Second, the set times for bands will not be posted before the show. This means that you won’t know who is playing when until you arrive. IT can be a good idea to make a note of the bands you want to see beforehand, so you can figure out where to be and when (maybe save a little time to see local acts performing as well ;p )

Speaking of local acts, Rock City Studios is presenting the No Cover stage featuring local artists! In addition to the big names playing, several talented local bands will be performing at the final Warped Tour. The local bands listed are:





The lineup is incredible, and the bands are so excited to play. James from Plan Your Escape says that “After going to Warped Tour Ventura for over a decade, I couldn’t be more excited for the opportunity to play Warped. Looking forward to sharing the stage with some of the other great local artists!” Max Dickenson of Two Brothers says that he is excited to be playing the last Warped Tour with so many already well-known bands, and that “whatever happens, he is wonderfully honored to have this opportunity and I am so excited to see what happens because no matter what, the outcome will be a positive one.” Finally, The Velveteen band shared that they are “absolutely thrilled to be participating in the final Vans Warped Tour, and sharing the stage with some of our inspirations, like Reel Big Fish, Nekrogoblikon, and Deez Nutz! Warped has always been the place where all kinds of bands can all rock together, from Gwar to Green Day. We can’t wait to bring this puppet rock band freak show to the tour we grew up attending and loving, it’s truly an honor!”

This is truly an amazing event set up, and it is truly amazing to see so many local acts performing for such a well-known festival. There will also be several members of Live Music Ventura County wandering the fairgrounds, so feel free to send up a message or say “Hi.” We can’t wait to see you! And of course, best of luck to all of the bands performing, we know you’ll be amazing!