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Dora Lewis

Girls Night at Rock City Studios

Girls Night at Rock City Studios


Rock City Studios held its second “Girls Night” on Friday. Playing were local (female fronted!) bands Ichorling, Gilted Woods, Polylane, and Disrupted Euphoria.

Up first was Ichorling, who’s indie style and humorous attitude never fails to entertain. They opened with a cover of Fall Out Boy’s “Young Volcanoes,” which got the audience up and listening to a familiar sound. They then played several original songs including “Dark” and “Her life is in Yellow.”

Following was Gilted Woods, a heavy metal band with no lack of energy, despite the fact that the lead singer wasn’t feeling well. The lead singer dedicated one of the songs to all women who continue to fight, and performed with impressive throat-ripping growls and beautiful melodies through their original “Death and Dying, Dead and Defying” and Typo-Negative’s “Black No. 1.”

Up next was Polylane, in which lead singer Jessi and guitarist Coraline switched roles on account of Jessi being on vocal rest. They opened with a cover of Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” and we liked it. The audience was dancing and cheering along as they performed several original songs like “Safe.”

Closing out the show was Disrupted Euphoria, who stuck to their serial killer motif with songs like “The Doctor” and “Red Queen.” During the performance of “Serpent,” the audience had two options: headbang or mosh. There was no sitting still here, and the audience was happy to oblige.

Fantastic show, and be sure to check out these bands (you know, because good music).