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Dora Lewis

Going to a Live Show

Going to a Live Show

When people think of going to a concert, they often think of the $100-$400 ticket, the stadium seats, and the big-name performer they want to see. But often, people don’t know about the local concerts going on all around them. In trying to bring people into the magical world that is local music, I often get asked several of the following:

  • “What will it be like”
  • “Is the band any good?”
  • “What should I bring/wear?”
  • “How much does it cost?”

So through this post, I would like to address some of these question for those of you who may not be familiar with the local music scene.

Easiest first, what to bring and wear. If the venue is 21+, bring your ID. Also, some people choose to bring earplugs. Concert venues tend to be loud, and some people choose to protect their hearing. Wear shoes that are comfortable to stand in, unless you know that there will be seating available. Other than that, dress however you want. Depending on the show, you can also pick up shirts and other merch from the bands playing. As for how much a local concert is, they tend to range from $5-$20. Bigger names and longer line-ups can be more expensive, while a house or garage show often is not. Also, if you contact one of the bands who is playing in the show, they may be able to sell you a presale ticket for a discount.

As for what the show and bands will be like, it is always different. A metal show will often have moshing and high-energy audience participation, while an indie show may be more low-key with a more chill atmosphere (that being said, occasionally you get an indie band who parties HARD). A lot of local bands use bandcamp and soundcloud to showcase their work, and you can sample their music before seeing them live. That being said, a local show is usually a fun experience. You can interact with the bands, dance to and discover new music, and get a concert experience that doesn’t cost your firstborn. You can meet cool new people, and see bands before they get big (because some of them just might). Now, some people ask: are the bands good? Actually, yeah. Most of the bands you’ll see have put time and effort into their art. And you get to watch bands grow. From their first performance to when they have several years of practice, there’s nothing like seeing a band you love.

So go out there and support local music. It’s worth it.