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Dora Lewis

Metal Night at Rock City Studios

Metal Night at Rock City Studios

Have you ever seen a giant teddy bear beheaded on stage? Because now I have, and it was fucking awesome. Also, this is just one of the amazing things you can bear witness to (get it?) if you follow us on Instagram.

Saturday night was metal night at Rock City Studios in Camarillo, featuring: Forsaken Warriors, Black Stone Wolves, Anti-Hero, and Disrupted Euphoria. Motörhead got some love with Forsaken Warrior’s cover of “Ace of Spades” and Anti-Hero covering “Overkill” with help from Disrupted Euphoria’s Hannah Rebel and Austin Shadowsill.

The night was filled with headbanging, moshing, and stuffed animal sacrifice. Forsaken Warriors brought in the 80’s metal sound, much in the spirit of artists like Motörhead and Black Sabbath. Their songs “Reflections,” “Everlasting Fates” and “Eternal Darkness” showcased their talent. Black Stone Wolves kept us moving with “From the Ashes,” “Into the Void,” and “Thanos.” They brought in the thrash-metal sound with throat-ripping vocals and unreal guitar riffs. Anti-Hero kept it going with “Rolling Thunder,” “Sacrificial Goat,” and “Get the Lead Out.” Bringing the wicked sound (and wicked hair), the guitarist wasn’t shy about joining in the circle pit during their set. In closing, Disrupted Euphoria played “Red Queen,” “The Doctor,” and the stuffed bear lost his head to “Toy.” After an encore cover of “Bodies” by Drowning Pool, the show closed and our necks were there to remind us exactly how long we had been head-banging (worth it).

Great show to all the bands who performed. Now go out there and support local music!