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Navigating The Music Industry Today – Ann DeMartini, CEO Rock City Studios, Camarillo CA


Navigating The Music Industry Today – Ann DeMartini, CEO Rock City Studios, Camarillo CA

Music is an extremely rewarding career while being one of the more complicated ones.  The best thing about today’s music industry is that the independent artist has the ability and tools to guide their own career.  For those professionally minded, now more than ever, these waters must be navigated thoughtfully and intelligently.

Large music organizations today expect an artist to come in with hit worthy, licensable songs and an independently nurtured following. You may need one of those large music organizations to assist you in scaling your marketing, publishing and distribution down the road.  Knowing your path to success in the early stages is something to thoroughly investigate. One unthoughtful decision or mistake in your career path could turn out to be a painful uphill battle to rectify.

Choosing the right band name, making sure you’re searchable, trademarkable and have a sensible website domain, social media handle available are all things that new artists need to carefully consider in the early stages of their career.  For instance, Jimmy Eat World recently offered advice to new bands on their Twitter last July:

“Advice for new bands: When coming up with a band name, make sure it’s acronym displayed really large on your artwork or t-shirts won’t be complicating matters. You’re welcome.” – @jimmyeatworld Twitter Post July 27, 2018.

If you’re working with others, you need to make sure you have proper agreements in place to avoid complicated problems later on down the road.  Especially true if you are working with someone who could be more music industry savvy than you are currently. Properly copyrighting your intellectual property is another hurdle to overcome.

Many options exist in the digital age to reach audiences around the world.  The challenge is that society has an information overload. Grabbing that mindshare and engaging your audience is an art in itself.  Obtaining music curation, influencers, and third-party recognition is the ultimate goal of any up and coming artist. Many options require capital investment.  Knowing the best channels to put your investment of time and money towards is important to avoid costly mistakes.

“Obtaining music curation, influencers, and third-party recognition is the ultimate goal of any up and coming artist.”


There are a myriad of issues to deal with in the music business.  Awareness and knowledge along with the necessary talent is key in the current music era.  Today’s state of the music industry is so dynamic that staying on top of new technologies and trends is imperative.  Knowing where to go efficiently to find the right tools and resources can be challenging and time-consuming. For all of its challenges and sacrifices, music is the universal language and being a part of this machine is an incredible experience for anybody.  If you are one with the drive and determination to choose this career path we commend you!

Daniel Novick Principal Attorney of Nashville based Novick Law PLLC is a sought after panel speaker and moderator for music conferences around the country.  Daniel is an expert in entertainment, technology law and protecting intellectual property.

Garrison Snell, described as second to none in today’s music digital marketing, is the CEO of Gyrosity, a full service cutting edge digital marketing agency.  He is also part of Crosshair Music, an independent artist focused music influencer marketing platform. Garrison is also based in Nashville.

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