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Dora Lewis

Play a Part in Supporting Your Local Music Community

Play a Part in Supporting Your Local Music Community

Hi everyone, thanks for checking out LMVC’s blog. We realized we never had the chance to properly introduce ourselves and our mission.

LMVC is here to help support the local music scene in Ventura County. By promoting local artists, venues and live events, we can collaborate and work together to support our local music scene. Our vision for LMVC isn’t just as a space for local bands, artists, and venues to promote their events. We hope to bring together a community of people who are passionate about music and reach out to people who need help finding the VC music scene.

Everyone is welcome to send articles, blogs, or photos related to music. Did you like the new Calvin Harris album? Write a review about it! Did you find a music video that changed your views on society? Have you attended a local concert in the area? Write up your thoughts on the show and send it over. The blog is open to anyone, including Ventura County artists – utilize this to connect with your fans!

We love posting about upcoming live music events. If you have a gig, send details to at least a week in advance.

If you’d like to be part of our Featured Artists page, fill out this form.

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