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Dora Lewis

Rock & Roll Pizza Open Mic Night 6/22/17

Rock & Roll Pizza Open Mic Night 6/22/17

Rock & Roll Pizza is a venue in Moorpark where music and pizza lovers alike can come in and get a pizza and then enjoy a live show while they eat. Unlike most concert venues, the music is enjoyed from the comfort of tables and doesn’t get as loud as a typical concert hall.


Up first was Ken Krupnik, who you can find on iTunes, who performed an acoustic folk set. He was joined by percussionist Doug (who would perform later in both 4 Jacks and a Jill as well as Dirty Metal Mothers). His vocals were both well-controlled and smooth enough to spread on toast.

Following was artist MH3, who slowed to sound with his soulful, blues-y sound. His powerful voice transitioned seemingly effortlessly from a low and smooth to a falsetto high. His humorous personality also kept the audience paying attention and entertained.

Up next was the duo The HumbleCats, composed of lead singer and ukulele player Kevin and drummer “B-Dubz,” who’s reggae sound was infectious, and it didn’t take the audience long to grove along. They weren’t afraid to improvise their lyrics on the spot, and maintained a light-hearted and fun atmosphere through their set.

Changing up the sound was local heavy metal band, Disrupted Euphoria, who started strong with their song “Toy,” which can be found on their recently released. The band featured Hannah Rebel on lead vocals, Shadowsill on guitar, Sparky on bass and Mr. Lips on the drums. Following with their serial killer motif was the song “The Doctor,” about the ever infamous H.H. Holmes. Their immersive showmanship had the audience head banging and throwing their fists up, ready for more.

Bob Delaney came up after and performed a comedy set. This gave the audience a brief reprieve as well as a chance to participate in his act.

Next up was the premiere show for the band 4 Jacks and a Jill. They opened with a Nirvana cover, and then took up back to the early 2000s with a cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle.” Though they were new, their alternative sound was good and they worked together well as a band. Their vibe was fud, and their future, promising.

Continuing the alternative sound was the trio, Dirty Mike and the Boys. They brought me back to the mid 2000 sounds of bands like Blink 182 and Simple Plan, and the guitarist and bassist created a harmony with their voiced worthy of envy.

Coming up next was a man who introduced himself as “Todd” and dressed like batman. He paid homage to the late, great Adam West, and took us on an existential journey through American life and ended his time with an acoustic solo.

Closing out the show was the band, Dirty Metal Mothers, who had people coming back into the venue to listen. They started out by covering Ozzy, and they absolutely nailed it. Their sound was strong, and their frontwoman has vocals like a 1980’s metal star (much like today’s Lizzy Hale). They followed it up with Dio’s “Holy Diver” and a Metallica cover. Their electric energy was a great close to the show.

Amazing show, and a enthusiastic congratulations to all of the performers from Thursday night. We look forward to seeing these performers again in the future.