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4 Winning Examples of Music Advertising on Instagram


4 Winning Examples of Music Advertising on Instagram

You can’t deny that scrolling through Instagram has turned in to a national phenomenon at an exponential pace. With more than 600 million active users, Instagram has become a crucial platform for any artist to gain traction and become discovered.  59% of these users are between the ages of 18-29 – the perfect demographic for concert goers.  Bands, labels, and agencies are honing in on this prime advertising real estate.  Here are some of the top advertisementss I’ve seen on the gram, and how you can use their strategies to win at the Instagram marketing game.


Portugal. The Man – “Last show for a while”

Who doesn’t already love some PTM in their life? Well if you didn’t already, their creative marketing team has given you a reason to. Promoting their show at the LA Shrine, this colorful, eye-catching, attention-grabbing lyric video has you instantly singing along.

On top of that, the strong call-to-action button to “Buy Tickets” gives users the little push forward we all need sometimes. Also, the caption says it will be their “last show for a while,” leaving a sense of urgency to buy ASAP.



Goldenvoice – Phoenix at the Fonda

25% of Instagram ads are single videos. And the LA concert promoting queen Goldenvoice has taken full advantage.

Let’s talk about this video: There’s Music, it’s colorful, there’s crowd-surfing, everyone is having a great time. Instant fomo if you haven’t bought tickets to this show. Oh, and you better buy them fast since the other nights are #soldout. (Seeing a pattern here?)



The 1975 – “Listen Now” – What’s the end goal?

With ads, the more interactive the creative is, the more likely you’ll get an “engagement.” An engagement (in marketing analytics) is a “like,” link click, comment, or profile view. The 1975 doesn’t a crazy video, but that’s not the goal for this ad.  They want people to listen to their new single on Apple music. Simple as that.


A post shared by Hobo Johnson (@hobojohnson) on

Hobo Johnson – Love your mom

If you haven’t listened to Hobo Johnson and gone through an existential crisis yet, please do!  He’s found a way to bring his witty and realistic personality to his tour marketing. (Bring Your Mom Tour)

Showing who you are, what makes you unique, and what your music represents will never fail. People are drawn to personalities, and feeling like they know you on a personal level.

Key Takeaways:

  • Video – Use video to let people know they’re going to miss out on a great show
  • Instagram Ads – Set up a Facebook Business Account so you can add “Call-to-Action” buttons like “Buy Tickets” that get more clicks and link directly to the ticket page
  • What’s Your Goal – Decide on a goal for your ad. Do you want people to buy tickets, or listen to your new album on Spotify?
  • Sound On – Include clips of your most popular songs (Lyric video, Music videos, etc.)

Eventbrite gives you the anatomy of the perfect event ad here!


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